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Driving Licence B – Full package – Theorie + exercises + online code – New Traffic Books



  • Audio visual method
  • Theory book and exam training book
  • 800 questions
  • 7 days access to online learning environment

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Best package in English!

Driving licence B is a full theory package which includes a theory book and an exam training book. The theory book contains the Belgian rules of traffic and is based on the official material of the Belgian Highway Code. Besides both books you will receive a free and personal code for an additional online trainingprogram.

Succesfull learning method

The Theory Driving Licence B Full Package enables you to learn the theory in many ways. The publisher recommends the following learning method:

  • Day 1: Read lesson 1 to 11 very carefully. Excercise the practice questions after each lesson.
  • Day 2: Read lesson 12 to 22. Excercise the practice questions after each lesson.
  • Day 3: Read the other lessons very carefully. Excercise the practice questions after each lesson.
  • Exercise some test examinations.

When something isn’t clear enough , you get immediate help on the help forum.

Online learning environment

You have 7 days access to this online learning environment.

  • 800 practice questions
  • 800 examination questions
  • Access to help forum

All you will ever need for your Belgian Car Theory

Both books are a direct translation of the Belgian books (Dutch language) and give all the information you need for the theory-exam given by the Belgian Institute of GOCA. In the theorybook you will find lots of photo’s, cartoons and illustrations to explain all the rules.
Finished studying the car theory? You are now ready to take the pre-exam test in the Exercises book. Test yourself extensively. The more questions answered correctly, the better your chances will be for the official test.

Curious about the content in the theory book?

These are the subjects you will need to learn.

  1. How to get your driving licence
  2. The public road
  3. The road users
  4. The car
  5. The speed
  6. Crossing and overtaking
  7. Priority – Right of way
  8. Positioning on the road
  9. Waiting and parking
  10. Miscellanea

The structure of the exam training book

The training book contains 31 lessons, in total more than 300 questions, and 3 exams.

Driving licence B is based on the official material and adapted to the most recent changes in the traffic legislation.

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